The less I am, the greater He is!

*The Lord pursued me two months ago in Haiti, changing my life completely. Although I’ve been a Christian for as long as I can remember, I am just now beginning to die to myself so that He can live. We’ll discuss how that madness happened later, but for now, I want to tell you how God is answering my prayers!*

For the last month, I have been intensely praying (like, outside for an hour, by myself, no technology, just me & the Holy Spirit) for the following things:
“Lord, please replace every selfish desire that is in my heart with your love. Help me die to myself (Mark 8:34). Show me your face. Show me how much you love me. Lord, allow me to witness your blessings. Please let me watch when you perform a miracle. I just want to see you work so much! I want to be a part of it. I want to see the look on someones face when you reveal yourself to them in a new and unbelievable way.” 
He is answering my prayers! He’s allowing me to observe His love for others!

Here’s what happened today:
This morning, Justin and I spent a few minutes reading “Jesus Calling,” praying for the hearts and eyes of friends/family, and arguing about weather or not one must say, “in Jesus’ Name” at the end of a prayer. After that, I went outside to walk Belle when I saw three Muslim students get out of cab at the UMHB International Student Services building, which happens to be directly across the street from my house.(120 new students just arrived from all over the world to attend UMHB for a semester.) YES! So I chased them down and asked why they were taking a cab and if there was any way I could help because I love Jesus and He loves them (John 13:35). They said they were Muslims from India/live off campus/no car/no drivers license, but their parents are sending them money. I said here’s my number/there’s my door/the big man in all black with guns won’t hurt you- just make sure you identify yourself. Only one of the guys took my number, so clearly, desperation wasn’t too present. Now that I think about it, I was more eager to help them than they were eager to receive help. After this short meeting, I called my mom with the exciting news that I got to meet three awesome Muslims and they taught me how to say “it’s all good,” in their language! I explained to her that these boys just signed a lease on an apartment 15 minutes away, and I might get to drive them if they ever call me. Her response to this act of love was very reasonable and logical. She reminded me that their parents are sending them money, the school offers great resources and that what I may view as a struggle, might be contentment and normalcy to someone else. God spoke to me loud and clear through this conversation and showed me what His love looks like. The world will tell you it’s totally understandable if you don’t want to spend your own time and money on someone that has plenty of money. The world will say that you should look out for yourself before you look out for others; after all, you can’t take care of others unless you first take care of yourself. The world will tell you to think logically and rationally about each situation. The world is wrong. God’s love in neither logical or rational. God sacrificed his son to die for me before I was even born. God doesn’t care how much money one has, He loves everyone SO MUCH! Now that I understand more about His perfect, unconditional love and what it looks like, I feel so free! No decision making, thinking, or analyzing about who to give love to. Jesus just loves us all so much! 

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  1. Wow - you are certifiable!

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